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Services Available at Beaker Pharmacy and Compounding


Beaker Pharmacy provides the following compounding services: hormones, dental, dermatological (ointments and creams), pediatric, wound care, veterinary, lollipops, dissolving troches, liquid formulations and many other options. Ask how we can serve your needs or those of your family and your pets.

Medication Therapy Management

Beaker Pharmacy can help determine how your medications are working, how to improve your health and possibly save money. Our pharmacists have time for you.

Delivery and Shipping

Beaker Pharmacy offers local delivery and shipping nationwide! Contact us to learn more about our delivery and shipping options.

Med Sync

We can get all of your medications to refill on the same date. No more urgent calls to your physician, running out of your medications or trying to remember to call your different refills in. 

Immunizations and Travel Medicine

Beaker Pharmacy can help keep you healthy by giving flu shots and other vaccines. Going out of the country? Ask us about your vaccines prior to going.


Beaker Pharmacy offers many services to help you be your best and get the most out of the medications prescribed to you.


High end vitamins and supplements can help you achieve better health. Come see what Beaker Pharmacy has.

Conveniently Located at: 7810 Eldorado Parkway Suite 200. McKinney, TX 75070 | Phone: 972-972-4700 | Toll Free: 866-306-3046

Beaker Pharmacy & Compounding


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