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7810 Eldorado Parkway STE 200

McKinney, Texas 75070


Mon - Fri 9am-6pm

Sat - Sun: Closed
Drive-Thru Available

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P: (972) 972-4700
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About Us

Beakers are an essential piece of laboratory equipment used in the discovery, development and compounding of medications.  At Beaker Pharmacy we want to be essential to your unique healthcare needs. Beaker Pharmacy was born out of the idea that things could be better.  We have spent decades in different areas of pharmacy and have come back to the place where you can truly make an impact on patient’s health…in our community. The community is where everything falls back to.  If we aren’t healthy, we aren’t moving forward.  We are a team that has truly seen all aspects of pharmacy.  We intend to use those experiences to make a difference in the lives of our patients and the practice of providers whose patients we serve. Proudly serving McKinney Texas as your local pharmacy.

Beakers are an essential piece of laboratory equipment used in the discovery, development and compounding of medications. At Beaker Pharmacy we want to be essential to your unique healthcare needs.

Why Choose Beaker Pharmacy

Our continuous innovation, outstanding customer service approach, and sincere dedication makes us the pharmacy that you can always depend on.


Our goal at Beaker Pharmacy is to establish long lasting relationships with our community and their healthcare providers. Decades of experience in doing just this will show through with our service and quality of care.


We aim to provide personalized service with a smile.  Whatever your needs, you will see our dedication to you shine through.

Pharmacist Consultation

Speak to a pharmacist who has time for you and cares about your health.


Kids napping in the car?  In too much pain to come inside?  Beaker Pharmacy has a drive-through for your convenience.


For over 20 years, our dedicated staff has collaborated with patients and healthcare practitioners to provide innovative solutions for health and wellness success.  At Beaker Pharmacy, we  have extensive clinical and compounding experience and it is our goal to provide exceptional care.



Med Sync

Wellness and Nutraceuticals

Medication Management

Special Packaging

Immunizations/Travel Medicine


Interested in some of our services? Read more about them here.

Who We Help


Those treating our patients

Beaker Pharmacy offers solutions for providers, whether it is medication therapy management, a vaccine or a custom compound, we are there to help as part of your patients healthcare team.


 Our Community

Beaker Pharmacy wants to provide a personalized experience for our patients and have them see how a pharmacy can take care of them.


Pets and Exotic Animals

Pets are a member of the family too.  Let Beaker Pharmacy help your pet feel better whether they need a regular medication or a custom compounded medication made specifically for them.


Our Patients and Providers

"I cannot believe the amazing service your pharmacy provides. They are all so courteous and willing to go out of their way every time I call. They truly go the extra mile and put the patient first."

Kimberly M.

"Thank you for all you have done for me. It’s really great to work with someone like you during this emotional time."

Julie A.

Knowing David for as long as I have, I know he will put together a excellent team to take care of his patients. His customer service and quality will be second to none.

Dr. A.D., MD

I'm so excited that Beaker Pharmacy is so close to our office so we work with them for the needs of our patients. We have needed a pharmacy like this in our area for a while.

Dr. R.P., MD

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